Film director, David Midell, came to me with the task of redesigning his production company's logo and building it into the opening bumper for their films. The special thing about David's company is that the vision for the company is built out of David's work in special education.

I presented a handful of concepts and they chose this snowflake design. Since a life with "disability" contains an extra component--that PlayOn aims to deal with in its narratives--I created a 7-pointed snowflake: an icon of individuality with an extra story to tell.

The animation was a practice in delicate treatments that would represent the physics and beauty of moonlit snow falling on a lake. The actual photography of a snowflake up close is something of pure beauty, so I did my best to create a tastefully styled interpretation resting on the physical interactions--the ripples of impact, melting from ice to water--to elicit a few sensations of reality.

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