AgencyEA @ the Wells Fargo Theater, Denver CO // Projection Mapping + Motion Track'd Speaker Intros + GFX package
This project was a collaboration with one of my favorite clients: AgencyEA, an event production company based in Chicago. They were hired to build a massive 3-day experience for a corporate conference that would take place at the Wells Fargo Theater in Denver, CO. 
Creative Director Clinton Withers masterminded an ambitious Projection Mapping solution to envelope the main stage with a myriad of animated backgrounds that would play throughout the presentations, keynote speakers, and live entertainment. They then brought on San Diego-based AV Concepts to design and build the 3-dimensional set that would become the 11k pixel canvas to the animations I created.
The stage also had three standard 16:9 screen surfaces upon which various videos were displayed. One series of elements I created were these 10 sec "personality sketches" that introduced the speakers as they made their entrance onto the stage. (And yes, they designed a moving door that opens for said entrances.)
We pitched this multi-angle motion-tracked sketch idea (with the paper plane motif that runs throughout) and their in-house video team shot the green screen footage with a few playful touches that made for some short but sweet moments you see composited above.
Event footage courtesy of Rusty Dog Films, Inc.

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