I've got to thank the guys at C5F for really letting me indulge the creative process on this one. They came to me early in the summer with a very open creative brief to design their logo and animate it to open their newest release. While the final approach was incredibly simple, the process of defining the style that would fit this group of contemporary writers whose company name comes from their shared adventures in white water rapids was one that inspired an array of creative references for me.

The legend of wilderness photographer, Ansel Adams, was my first character of inspiration for this project. His vast black and white landscapes encompass all the themes of backcountry adventure with timeless stately glimpses of the natural world.

The animation concept opens with a classic countdown leader that stops on the five. Then, as if sliding back along the tracks of Ansel's view camera, the letters are sucked backward in depth behind a perfectly centered view hole. The client really wanted to see the C+5 come together, so the final letter C does a quick wipe as it encircles the five and it ends on that bold, clean mark.

Sound design by Parabolic NY

Below: I've posted a look at my crazy moodboard with all my initial visual sparks and the concept page from the first round of logos I pitched about the themes I wanted to capture.
Initial Moodboard
Concept + Approach

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